Andrew Lee - CEO & Co-Founder
Series A
Lightspeed Team
Guru Chahal - Partner

Shortwave is a technology company bringing the power of AI to your email inbox. Email is the backbone of modern business communications. Every day, billions of emails are exchanged inside and between businesses discussing everything from investment decisions, to high-stakes negotiations, to product designs, to major purchases. Email is the one tool that connects everyone — employees, customers, vendors, even the CEO. The biggest decisions are made in the email inboxes of business leaders.

And yet, the inbox you rely on every day has not fundamentally improved in over a decade. It lacks the basic tools you need to get organized, and it’s full of marketing spam and other junk. Sure, it shows you your emails, but it doesn’t help you make sense of them, and it certainly doesn’t help you get things done.

Artificial intelligence has completely changed what is possible with modern productivity software.

What if your inbox didn’t just show you your emails, but actually understood them. What if it could give you answers, rather than just running searches? What if it unlocked insights from your inbox that helped you make better decisions? What if it could make intelligent recommendations right when you needed them?

At Shortwave, we’re leading the way in combining cutting edge AI technology with world-class design & productivity practices to bring you the world’s most advanced email client. We aim to not just save you time, but to actually make you smarter too.

Our team previously built products used by millions at Firebase and Google, and we’re backed by world-class investors including Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Guru Chahal