Erik Mendelson - CEO & Co-Founder
Winston “DJ Blackout” Thomas - Co-Founder
Shawn Mims p/k/a MIMS - Co-Founder

There are millions of people that have a burning desire to be a music artist. However, they either don’t have access to quality producers or they can’t afford to pursue a career in music. RecordGram solves their problem.

RecordGram is a mobile recording studio, producer marketplace and social network that allows our users to create original songs and videos with award winning music producers for under $5 all from the palm of their hand. Our users can discover beats, write songs, record song and shoot videos that they can share across RecordGram’s social network and all of their other social networks instantly turning their friends into fans. RecordGram breaks down cultural and economic barriers and empowers anyone regardless of where they live or how much money they have the ability to awaken their inner musician.

We’re the user-friendly, convenient and affordable solution that democratizes music creation and collaboration so our users can pursue their artistic dreams.