Nader Mikhail - Co-Founder and CEO
David Blonski - Co-Founder & COO/CFO
Katie Carter - VP People Success
Karen Jenkins - SVP Product
Series B
Lightspeed Team
Christopher Schaepe - Co-Founder
Elementum has built the first platform for AI-driven workflows native to Snowflake as a Snowflake strategic partner. Elementum’s technology dynamically relates and mines data in the cloud in order to proactively initiate workflows that automate key business processes, resulting in faster execution, reduced manual activity, fewer errors, and better decisions. Elementum is architected natively in the Snowflake Data Cloud, so data stays within the customer’s cloud without ever leaving. No integrations are required, and security and data access parameters are automatically inherited from customers’ Snowflake data governance policies. Elementum’s AI workflow platform optimizes common use cases, such as inventory management, merchandising, vendor onboarding, software license management, new product introduction, and many more. Customers can choose from a suite of pre-built apps targeting specific business processes or build their own with Elementum’s no-code app builder.
Christopher Schaepe