Megan O’Connor - CEO & Co-Founder
Sam Gimbel - CPO & Co-Founder

Clark is the first data-driven tutoring platform that acts as a virtual assistant for tutors. Launching on September 6, 2017 with an iOS app and web portal, Clark’s goal is to democratize learning and make it easier for tutors to build their small business. This tool eliminates the churn of invoicing and scheduling which allows tutors to expand their network, concentrate on their students’ progress and teach more sessions. It automatically sends session reminders, processes payments and enforces cancellation policies. Plus, Clark provides parents and teachers with an understanding of their child’s progress and tracks it over time so that they are more involved in the process.

Enhanced by AI and leveraging conversational UI capabilities, that are always available , Clark seeks to put the power of growing a business into the hands of every independent educator in the U.S. Using Clark, a tutor can move their existing clientele to the platform, and Clark will immediately help the tutor cut down on administrative tasks. With these tasks being taken care of, they can concentrate on increasing their earnings and booking more sessions.