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Numerify announces $8 million in Series A financing to revolutionize business analytics in the cloud. Founded by the pioneers of the business intelligence industry from MicroStrategy, Hyperion and Oracle, the company aims to arm every decision maker with meaningful numbers to effectively manage their business.


The past decade has witnessed the advent of cloud delivered operational applications driven largely by time-to-value, reduced maintenance, elastic scalability and cost. However, the cloud business analytic solutions have yet to cross the chasm. The ease of deployment and the ease of use are key barriers to the cloud business analytics adoption.


Numerify’s ground breaking technology will change the game on both the ease of use and the ease of deployment, and herald a new era in business analytics in the cloud. The company will make cloud analytics as easy to deploy and use as operational cloud applications, provide end-to-end visibility to business users across multiple cloud sources, and eliminate the professional services burden that traditionally comes with such solutions.

At Lightspeed, we are excited about our partnership with the Numerify team and I am personally proud to be the founding board member of the company. We believe that the company will disrupt the economics of business analytics in the cloud. With 50 employees and growing, we can’t wait to see how the company dominates the cloud business analytics agenda in a very near future!

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