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Think Big. Move Fast.

PernixData announced the general availability of the Flash Virtualization Platform (FVP) today. Congratulation to Poojan Kumar, Satyam Vaghani and the entire PernixData team for an amazing execution! It’s hard to believe how far the company has come along in just 18 months since founding.

The revolutionary FVP platform aggregates and virtualizes flash storage across servers to create a scale-out data tier to boost storage performance with no impact to the existing storage infrastructure.  Simply put, companies can run more virtualized applications without having to increase their storageIt is truly a disruptive innovation with a completely non-disruptive consumption model.

The all software FVP decouples storage performance from storage capacity and essentially changes how storage is designed and operated in virtualized data centers. The PernixData FVP is the industry’s first clustered flash hypervisor that can be installed and operated with a few clicks of a mouse to scale-out storage performance independent of storage capacity with seamless VMware clustered operations support.

At Lightspeed, we are proud of the PernixData team and what they have achieved in a short time. It’s been an amazing journey since their founding and Series A investment. We can’t wait to see how the company dominates the enterprise storage agenda in a very near future!

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