We believe we can change the trajectory of a company with more than just capital.

Deep domain expertise not only matters to smart founders but accelerates a company's key learnings to gain greater competitive positioning.

We are a firm of operators and founders with deep domain experience and across multiple economic environments.


We are a pioneer in early-stage enterprise investing and an integral part of the fabric of enterprise founders in the Bay and beyond.


We have our finger on the cultural pulse of what the next big consumer trend is--and it’s not born out of Silicon Valley.

Fintech / Blockchain

Today almost every business is a Fintech business. We heart Fintech nerds solving really difficult problems in creative ways. We firmly believe we are only at the beginning of innovation across the Fintech stack.


With a central mission of improving patient lives, we began to invest in healthcare a decade ago and continue today with a focus on innovation to generate big impacts on unmet needs.


Across all of these sectors, stages and geos, our mission is our north star as we serve the world’s most extraordinary people, building tomorrow’s companies today.

Up Next

The future of venture capital is global and so are we.

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