Today Lightspeed closes on over $7B to fund early and growth-stage entrepreneurs around the globe,

bringing total committed capital under management to $18B.

An early stage fund, select fund, and global opportunity fund

We're also unveiling Lightspeed Faction, an independently managed fund

dedicated to fueling innovation in the crypto community focused on infrastructure, DeFi and emerging use cases.


Lightspeed India has closed on its early stage fund today ($500M).

From the burst, to the financial crisis, a global pandemic and geopolitical turmoil,

we’ve built our reputation on helping our founders when they need it most, and supporting their growth at any stage, in any sector, in any geography.

500+ companies globally, hundreds of founders

Part of today's $7B+ story is a belief that the only constant is change.

There are only a handful of firms who have proven they can repeatedly and consistently change while preserving their own north star.

There are even fewer firms who can do that at scale, and even less than that who can do it globally.

So what do we believe the VC
Firm of the Future
looks like?