Senior Associate

Shreyans Chopra

“Venture gives you the opportunity to work with some of the most audacious, passionate, and resilient people and that’s my daily fuel.”

Shreyans is a Senior Associate in the Venture team. He truly believes in business model innovation. Irrespective of the stage of the company, he always tries to believe in what the business can become. “I believe in evaluating every opportunity as a blank slate, to challenge the status quo and voice it openly,” he said.

Shreyans was born into a traditional business family in Ahmedabad and was a chartered accountant by education. The son of a small business owner, he saw firsthand how hard work and determination can overcome a constant stream of challenges. “Learning about businesses has always intrigued me,” said Shreyans. And it’s eventually what helped lead him to the world of Venture Capital.

Shreyans is also an ex-entrepreneur and has previously worked as a consultant at BCG where he travelled across India and implemented large digital projects for Fortune 500 companies.

Shreyans has a deep empathy and respect for founders, as his passion for music drove him to start his own company. While his music startup failed, it helped him realize he wants to always surround himself with talented entrepreneurs and truly understand how businesses are successfully built and run. “Venture gives you access to some of the most relentless and  hardworking founders, who I love learning from every day, every hour.”

When he’s not investing, he loves playing music, especially the guitar. He also enjoys going on impromptu long road trips across India.