Vice President, Information Technology

Scott Young

This is typically where great innovations are discovered, and I really like looking at new ideas and new technology.

“From a young age,” Scott says, “I was always interested in technology, the internet, and new ideas.”

It was a natural precursor to being Vice President of technology at Lightspeed.  Not only responsible for all aspects of technology at the firm, he also helps analyze new technology in the pre-IPO space.

Since 2000, Scott has developed his career as an entrepreneur and consultant while acting as CEO of Action Uptime IT Consulting.  “During my consulting career I was exposed to a wide variety of companies and innovations, which peaked my interest in venture firms where it all begins.”

Scott’s first role in a venture firm was recently at SoftBank Group US, where he was responsible for worldwide IT operations.

Now, as Vice President of Technology at Lightspeed, he’s found his past experiences and knowledge provided a seamless transition into his role. Says Scott “The people are great, the partners are the best in the business, and the weather here can’t be beat.”