Jia Zhu

My mother likes to citing a Chinese proverb to remind me of being modest, which says ‘There's always a higher mountain to climb. ’So I always remind myself that I should keep open-minded, listen with humility, and learn from the outstanding people.”

From a semiconductor program manager to an investor, Jia describes his career as “a journey to find the path that best suits his life direction.” With 8 years of venture capital experience and 7 years of industry experience, Jia has been recognized by many deep-tech startup founders in China as a veteran who “knows us very well.”

Jia joined Lightspeed China Partners in 2019. He focuses on investment opportunities in deep tech. Jia feels the greatest enjoyment of working at Lightspeed is the culture of sharing. According to him, team members are encouraged to express their true opinions, and everyone can fully and transparently exchange ideas, forming a real partnership.

Prior to joining Lightspeed, Jia worked as a Partner at Vertex Ventures China for 6 years. He also has 7 years of R&D and Marketing experience at leading high-tech companies. Before Vertex, Jia was Program Manager for Atmel, a global-leading semiconductor company in the microcontroller field. During his tenure, he led Atmel’s standardization in an international wireless charging consortium and multiple innovative electronics applications.

Prior to joining Atmel, Jia was Staff Engineer in Trident Micro, a global-leading semiconductor company and before that, he was a Scientist in Philips Research Asia, where he joined multiple research projects in the wireless communication field and participated in global 3GPP standardization project.

Jia’s curiosity drove him from academic research to product application, and finally entering the VC industry. He believes that the experience has helped him accumulate many core capabilities for investment.

“I think the fast-learning ability can help me quickly explore any new field of science and technology. I can grasp the common laws of deep tech and make more accurate judgments with the industry experience,” Jia says.

In fact, Jia’s passion for VC investment is not only reflected in his work but even in his hobbies. On weekends, he likes to explore new destinations with his family. From shopping malls and art exhibitions in Shanghai to suburban parks, he is always observing the changes in the real world. In his view, China is a diversified society, and getting insights into people’s changing needs can help him think about the next long-term investment trend. Another hobby of Jia is football. In this popular sport, he learned the power of teamwork and leadership, which he believes is crucial for a start-up company.

Jia received a B.S. and an M.S. in Electronics Engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Born into an intellectual family, Jia’s parents always encourage him to try new things. He remembers that when he was in high school, he became interested in computers. His parents immediately bought him a computer and allowed him to try to assemble it and play with programming software. This also sparked his interest in science and technology.

Jia hopes that Lightspeed can attract more outstanding investors in the technology field in the future so as to become one of the most outstanding VC funds in China’s technology sector.