Venture Partner

Anshoo Sharma

I can’t see myself retiring anytime soon. It sounds boring.

People. Markets. Capital. That’s how Anshoo thinks about VC; the trifecta of good investments, and how they fit together to create the best path to success. And in that order, too. “It’s mostly about people,” he says. “About asking myself, ‘why do the founders want to build this business?’ And I get excited about consumer tech oriented around local pop culture.”

Before coming onboard with Lightspeed, Anshoo was on an upward track at Bain & Company, but something just didn’t feel right. Rather than carry the traditions of a large firm, he was keen to build a business, though what, he wasn’t sure. Then he met Bejul, and was inspired by the idea of building the business of investing. It was 2009, and venture capital was just emerging as an asset class with great potential in India. So, he went for it.

It was a great match, especially thanks to the many hats Anshoo has worn over his career, garnering experience in tech, consulting, investment, and entrepreneurship. He uses that expertise to drive outcomes for his founders. And he’s in it for long haul. “I can’t see myself retiring anytime soon,” he says. “It sounds boring.”