Fighter jets >>> copilots

Image generated by DALL-E

Not a day goes by without copilots being announced by incumbent software companies e.g. Microsoft, Notion, SAP, etc. Absolutely valid approach, this makes a lot of sense. It leverages the data, brand and distribution advantage incumbents have. And also leaves customers with enough to not migrate to another new entrant. In other words, this might be a defensive position.

I’d like to see more fighter aircraft. Full stack solutions to solve full business problems using generative AI, solving problems in a way that copilots cannot. This is the offensive position. I expect to see this first in areas which

  1. have not been automated (ie where incumbents don’t have a lock on the market) OR
  2. high volume processes where data and closed-loop learning can deliver a 10x price-performance improvement. More on this later this week.
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