Kshitij Jain

Helping passionate, audacious and purpose-led founders succeed and shape tomorrow’s society is the best part of being in venture.”

An engineer by education, Kshitij started his career in management consulting. He spent time with Bain & Company’s private equity practice, helping evaluate both India-facing and US-facing companies for investment. This experience first got him excited about the world of investing, as well as opportunities with technology-oriented businesses, more specifically. Prior to Bain, Kshitij worked briefly with Cambridge Judge Business School and helped drive thinking in the alternative finance and fintech world.

Raised by a business-oriented family, Kshitij has strong appreciation and empathy for founders. “I saw my father make risk and reward trade-offs all the time, and witnessed firsthand the ups and downs an entrepreneur has to go through as they steer the ship to achieve desirable outcomes.” He also witnessed how invaluable solid guidance and support from trusted counselors can be, which serves him well in his role at Lightspeed India.

“I’ve been passionate about tracking and discussing new innovative business ideas and models, ever since the startup boom hit India,” said Kshitij. “Joining Lightspeed has given me the perfect opportunity to blend my previous experience with continuous learning. This job keeps pushing the breadth and depth of my knowledge, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with and learn from the very best of the best.” But his favorite part of the job? “Helping passionate, audacious and purpose-led founders succeed and shape tomorrow’s society.”

A competitive dancer in college, Kshitij would frequently travel and perform in college festivals. “Imagine a young and inexperienced team with little to no guidance, continuously experimenting with new forms, killing bad ideas, but eventually finding the way to excellent outcomes on the back of sheer perseverance. In some ways, meeting an early stage startup takes me back to the excitement and ambiguity of those days”