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Today we are excited to announce that Lightspeed Venture Partners is leading Guardant Health’s $50M Series C. For the last few years, we have been closely following advancements in genomics that have brought down the cost of sequencing the human genome to less than $1000.


We believe that in the next 5-10 years, we will enter a world where it is commonplace to sequence your genome to diagnose all sorts of medical conditions from prenatal testing to infectious disease to cancer. Some early investments we made in the space include Natera and Personalis.

Cancer is particularly well-suited for personalized treatments using genome analysis since cancer is a disease of the genome. In cancer diagnostics, a number of companies have developed tests for various types of cancer by sequencing solid tumors. Guardant has developed a comprehensive biopsy-free cancer test that identifies critical tumor genomic alterations in real-time. Its blood test, called Guardant360, allows physicians to track genomic alterations in a patient’s cancer cells and then select the appropriate therapy to best treat the unique genetic make-up of the cancer.

The team is led by Helmy Eltoukhy and AmirAli Talasaz, two world-class entrepreneurs we are so excited to work with. Over the next few years, we look forward to partnering with Guardant to transform the way that cancer is managed!