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Think Big. Move Fast.

Our freshly minted investment in Comprehend (www.comprehend.com) was announced today. We are thrilled to back co-founders Rick Morrison and Jud Gardner and their team as they continue their mission to use next generation data analytics to help life science companies transform the way they bring products to market.

Like many of our most successful companies, what Comprehend does is simple yet powerful and has a profound impact on their customers. Basically all the life science companies out there have a really difficult time seeing and analyzing the data they need to navigate the clinical trial process. This is the lifeblood of their business — getting products to market — yet they are flying blind! There are so many data sources and the data changes so rapidly, and traditional data warehousing and integration technologies simply cannot adapt to that change. Comprehend has developed a next generation data analytics platform that readily adapts to all this change. Their customers such as Boston Scientific have implemented Comprehend’s SaaS service in less than a month and thereafter the system keeps up as the data and needs for analysis change. Comprehend allows life science companies to successfully get new products out faster with less risk.

Comprehend hits on one of the major themes that Lightspeed has been seeking out investments in. We first invested in Big Data infrastructure companies such as Hadoop (MapR) and Cassandra (DataStax). This infrastructure, together with other advances in processor power, in-memory data storage (Fusion-io, Nutanix, Nimble), and software delivery in turn enable a next generation set of Big Data and data analytics application companies. We have been actively making investments in this overall area in companies such as Numerify (cloud-based analytical apps for IT operations), BloomReach (Big Data marketing applications), EverString (Big Data-driven B2B demand generation) and ThoughtSpot (data search).

When Rick and his team shared their story with us, we knew instantly that we wanted to work with them. We were delighted to be chosen by Comprehend to be their partners, and look forward to helping them on their journey to transform the way life companies bring much needed next generation treatments and devices to patients around the world.