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Think Big. Move Fast.

Today is an exciting day for Nimble Storage. We are fortunate to be early investors and partners to the company, having made our initial investment during the depths of the global financial collapse in late 2008. Nimble successfully completed its IPO on the NYSE today – a testament to the team’s vision and execution.

At Lightspeed, we had identified the flash storage trend in early 2007 with an investment in Pliant Technology, a manufacturer of SSDs that was later acquired by SanDisk. Our investment in Pliant gave us an early view into how flash memory would fit into next generation storage systems, and how quickly those systems would make their way into the Enterprise. We blogged about the potential for hybrid storage in late 2007 and 2008.  During that time, the Nimble team of storage and software experts recognized the opportunity to develop a platform that would transform the industry.  They built their platform from the ground up, starting with a fundamentally new file system software that takes advantage of the high performance characteristics of flash memory and the capacity and low cost of disk. Over 2,100 end-customers later, Nimble is a public company.

We salute the entire team at Nimble Storage.


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