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Think Big. Move Fast.

The NY Times has a color piece of Scrabulous below the fold on the front page of their physical paper today. I admit, I like to read my Sunday NY Times in physical format – call me a luddite!

The Aggarwallas have really done a great job of building a true social game, but it is not looking like they will be able to reap all the benefits of their work due to their IP infringement.

Harold Zeitz, senior vice president for games at RealNetworks, said Friday that he was working closely with the Agarwalla brothers to bring the official Scrabble game to Facebook users.

Hasbro, meanwhile, said in a statement that Electronic Arts was planning to release an online version of Scrabble this spring. And Mattel, which signed a deal with RealNetworks last July, says that settling with the Agarwallas would set a bad precedent.

Last year Andrew Bridges did a guest post on the Lightspeed blog about how big companies use litigation as a strategy against startups that is highly relevant to the Scrabulous situation.