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Over at Lost Garden, an old but still good list of principles for multiplayer game design. Summarized here, but head over there to see the much more useful annotated version and relevant links:

1. Build in the “Norm Effect” if at all possible.
2. “Zero sum” is bad.
3. Pacing needs variety.
4. Strategies need “wiggle room”.
5. Legends must grow.
5. Court your newbies.
6. Allow personalization.
7. Keep the features down.
8. Include audio/visual subtleties.
9. Avoid numbers.
10. Include spectators.
11. Facilitate relationships.
12. Use time limits.
13. Include chance.
14. Keep the balance.
15. Include cooperation.
16. Make ’em stay.
17. Allow handicapping.
18. Facilitate special events.
19. Leave room for ads.