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Think Big. Move Fast.

It’s becoming fashionable to question Facebook’s importance recently. Its so “first half of June”. But I’m still young, naive and in love.

At least four companies have really made a big “multi app” push into Facebook; Hot Or Not, Rockyou (Rockyou is a Lightspeed company), Slide and Trakzor.

Its hard to get complete data on all the apps that these companies have built as many are not listed in the app directory, and many are listed as having been created by employees names, rather than by the company, but here is at least a partial list, sorted by number of users and color coded by parent company:

Top app companies on Facebook color coded

Word doc with URL’s is below if you’d like to download it

Multi app companies on Facebook

I know that this is incomplete both by apps, and by companies with multiple apps. Reader comments, corrections and updates very welcome