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Aaron Batalion


Aaron joined Lightspeed in late 2015 as a Partner focused on consumer technology.

Prior to joining Lightspeed, Aaron spent 3 years as an angel investor and advisor helping teams with product, technology and growth. His over 25+ investments include LendingHome, Walker&Company, AltSchool, Shyp, BackToTheRoots and more.

Prior to Lightspeed, Aaron was co-founder & CTO of LivingSocial (acquired by Groupon). LivingSocial (formerly HungryMachine) started as a consulting company and later built its own suite of products, reaching 80+ million consumers. Later, it built a social commerce platform which quickly grew to massive scale. Over a 2.5 year period, the team grew from 40 to over 4500, made 10 acquisitions, scaled to 25 countries and hit billions in sales worldwide.

Before LivingSocial, Aaron led the development of RevolutionHealth (acquired by Waterfront Media), a platform founded by Steve Case to change healthcare by giving people the tools, information and support to manage their health and wellness actively.

Aaron received degrees in Computer Science and Asian Studies, and can occasionally be found along the Japanese countryside with his wife and two young sons.

Follow Aaron’s writings (www.medium.com/@abatalion) and tweets: @abatalion.

Aaron Batalion
Email:   aaron@lsvp(dot)com

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