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Personalis Closes $22M Series B Financing

10.07.2013 - Press Release

Personalis, Inc., the leading provider of advanced medical exome and genome sequencing and interpretation services, announced today the closing of a $22 million Series B financing. “This financing brings the total investment in Personalis to over $42M, the relative scale of which gives us a significant advantage over most new companies now entering this space,” said Personalis CEO John West. “We will use this to further build on our technological lead, expand our product offerings, scale our operations, and expand our commercial team.

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Peter Nieh: Focus On Repeatability

10.01.2013 - Wall Street Journal

GUEST MENTOR Peter Nieh, partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners: In the early days of a startup, every business component, from what to pay employees to new product features seems critical. However, I’ve have found that the most important aspect for success is relentless focus on establishing a repeatable customer acquisition process. This provides the essential foundation on top of which the team can scale the business in a highly efficient, rapid and predictable way.

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Searching for the next Zuckerberg

09.09.2013 - VentureBeat

Building a company for first-time founders is like jumping into the deep end of the pool without really knowing how to swim. The Lightspeed Summer Fellowship helps aspiring entrepreneurs get their feet wet and buoys them as they take their first strokes.

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Mashable asked seven students who participated in Lightspeed Venture Partners' summer fellowship — a program that behaves like a startup accelerator without taking equity from the teams — how the experience compared to a summer internship, and what knowledge they'll be taking back to school.

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Whisper has seen rapid growth, intense daily usage, and just raised $21 million in Series B funding from Sequoia Capital, Lightspeed Ventures and Trinity Ventures, with a valuation of $76 million. (Previous reports had gotten the gist. This week, I talked to the principal players at the company to get their take on why Whisper is different, why it’s worth the money, and why they think it will stick around.

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Nicest Venture Capitalist Ever

09.01.2013 - NBC - Press:Here

Lightspeed’s John Vrionis hands out money to young entrepreneurs, with no strings attached.

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People are still sharing baby/pet photos, engagement announcements, job changes, etc., on Facebook and Twitter, to some extent. But when things get a little more specific, or maybe even more personal, they are turning to companies like Snapchat, NextDoor, Avocado, Rando, etc., all of which are built around a use case that isn’t appropriate for a large open network.

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John Vrionis: A Positive Trend

08.22.2013 - Wall Street Journal

GUEST MENTOR John Vrionis, partner at Lightspeed Venture Partners: In recent years there seems to have been an exponential rise in the number of accelerator programs offered for aspiring entrepreneurs. The increase in the number of programs, and the amount of dollars being invested in them is a very positive development in my view for three reasons.

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Start-ups based in San Francisco Bay area are offering novel perks—massages, body analytics, subsidized rents, trips to Tahoe and even helicopter rides—in hopes they will beat competitors to top talent.

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Jay Chaudhry Can’t Lose

08.12.2013 - NBC - Press:Here

Chaudhry’s first company turned dozens of employees into millionaires. His latest company – Zscaler- is worth a cool billion.

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