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Larger than IPO

06.20.2007 - DigiTimes

We should really focus all our efforts to build a GREAT company, rather than to build a public company. Being listed is not the end of the journey.”

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Q&A: Lightspeed’s Social Seer

06.12.2007 - Red Herring

Interview with Jeremy Liew in which he discusses the future of social networking and online advertising.

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China: Cracking the Mobile Ad Biz

04.11.2007 - Business Week

Companies are increasing the advertising dollars in China's growing on-line business with a quote from Ron Cao

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Shift in Opportunity

03.12.2007 - Red Herring

Red Herring quotes Ravi Mhatre on exits in security market.

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Businesses seek live-leads rather than banner and search engine ads.

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VC Players Look East, to China

02.15.2007 - Business Week

U.S. tech startups are competing for venture capital funding with China, a land of low costs, huge markets, and ample opportunity-and significant risks.

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Lightspeed Moving Faster to PRC

11.27.2006 - Asian Venture Capital Journal

Chris Schaepe is quoted in discussion on Lightspeed's commitment to future investment in China.

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Andrew Chung and John Vrionis bring new depth to Lightspeed's consulting and operations expertise.

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Tech Execs Lured to VC Jobs

10.04.2006 - Dow Jones News Service

Young executives, including Jeremy Liew have chosen to leave their "dream jobs" to become venture capitalists.

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The Thin Green Line

08.23.2006 - Forbes.com

The thin green line of entrepreneurs who enable business to continue in the midst of political strife.

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