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Solar Dominates the Clean Tech Sector

01.04.2008 - Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

Andrew Chung discusses trends in solar in this year-end cleantech review.

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Venture Capital’s Clean Dreams for China

11.02.2007 - Business Week

Andrew Chung discusses challenges and opportunities for cleantech investments in China.

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Lightspeed Makes Moves in India

10.01.2007 - Red Herring

Lightspeed Ventures is moving to capitalize on the exploding growth in the Indian consumer market.

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Why Lightspeed Took the Plunge (into Cleantech)

09.01.2007 - CleanTech Network LLC

Andrew Chung discusses Lightspeed’s interest and involvement in cleantech investing.

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Flush in Funds

07.15.2007 - WirelessWeek

Venture capitalists continue to finance wireless startups. The article includes a quote from Jake Seid.

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How Fast is the Speed of Light

06.23.2007 - Modern Weekly

(in Chinese)Our
commitment to China is irm. We are right here to partner with those
aspirant entrepreneurs to build world class enterprises.

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Larger than IPO

06.20.2007 - DigiTimes

We should really
focus all our efforts to build a GREAT company, rather than to build a
public company. Being listed is not the end of the journey.”

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Q&A: Lightspeed’s Social Seer

06.12.2007 - Red Herring

Interview with Jeremy Liew in which he discusses the future of social networking and online advertising.

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China: Cracking the Mobile Ad Biz

04.11.2007 - Business Week

Companies are increasing the advertising dollars in China’s growing on-line business with a quote from Ron Cao

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Shift in Opportunity

03.12.2007 - Red Herring

Red Herring quotes Ravi Mhatre on exits in security market.

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