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Consumer, E-Commerce, Marketplaces

Roofstock is the first online marketplace created exclusively for investing in leased Single-Family Rental homes that generate cash flow day one. Created by investors for investors, Roofstock provides research, analytics, and insights to evaluate and purchase independently certified properties.
The Roofstock marketplace is enabling investors to treat their real estate investments more like stock portfolios, focusing on asset allocation, rather than dealing with the hassles of researching and buying vacant homes that need to be repaired and leased. Roofstock turns the old way of investing on its head, bringing transparency and efficiency to create a better way to transact.

Gary Beasley and Gregor Watson

"There are many outstanding venture firms out there, and as we evaluated capital partners for the last round we had choices, which gave us the luxury of working with people we like. Obviously the Lightspeed franchise is top notch and their track record is impressive, but what it came down to was the people. Quite simply, they are people we want to be around the table with as we partner to build a great company."