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Reflektive, The Talent Development Platform, is the real-time performance management and employee engagement solution for modern businesses. With a holistic and integrated suite of performance products and solutions, Reflektive is the leading talent development choice for over 150 of the world’s top places to work, including Pinterest, Twilio, SquareTrade, Thumbtack, Glassdoor, Quantcast, UltraGenyx, AltSchool and Flatiron Health.

The Reflektive Talent Development Platform starts with Real Time Feedback, an integrated user experience for data-driven employee coaching on a daily and weekly basis. Built for engagement and flexibility, the Reflektive Platform offers numerous interchangeable modules including goal management, performance check-ins and lightweight performance reviews to create the right performance and talent development processes for every business across virtually every industry.

Rajeev Behera

"When searching for a VC firm to partner with for our Series A, Lightspeed Venture Partners stood out miles above the rest. Lightspeed clearly understood all of the details of how a business functions and the broader landscape of SaaS and Cloud technology, an expertise that is surprisingly rare amongst Silicon Valley firms. The team’s expertise in category definition and new paradigms paired with a realistic and down-to-earth approach on building new businesses made partnering with Lightspeed one of the easiest choices in our business to date."