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Consumer, E-Commerce

Hungryroot was founded out of a desire to meaningfully brighten consumers daily lives through delicious, nutritious eating. We manufacture and market a product line of 7-minute meals, sides, sweets, spreads and breakfast items direct-to-consumer. All of our food products are gluten-free, all natural and under 500 calories. We use raw vegetables instead of processed flour to create craveable noodle dishes, chickpeas instead of eggs and butter to create gooey cookie dough, and vitamin-rich cauliflower instead of rice to deliver a feel good couscous. Our goal is to create innovative, fresh and healthy food products in a category historically defined by frozen and chemically preserved foods.

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"From the moment I met Jeremy and the team at Lightspeed, I was impressed with their intuition, care and humility. These unique characteristics are not only hard to find, but are also invaluable to early stage businesses. Having Lightspeed as a part of the Hungryroot team and mission undoubtedly gives us a competitive advantage in the market."