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Eight TV

Private Company

E-Commerce, Mobile

Eight TV is the bedroom shopping network with thousands of shopping TV shows made daily by people all around the world, often in their bedrooms. On Eight TV, users can record 1 minute stories about any product they love (or hate) and then hover the phone near the product to magically bring the it from the real world into the video and make it instantly shoppable. The eight TV App already recognizes over 100 million products, and the team are working with the most cutting edge consumer driven brands in the world to create the next generation of shopping TV shows. Many of the most popular teen YouTubers already create shows on eight TV, including Fiona Frills, Emily Lee, Yung Poppy, and Mel Joy, along with thousands of other bedroom TV creators.

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"They always seem to find the outsiders when it's 100x easier to go with the insiders."