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Marketing Sherpa recently surveyed around 2000 search marketers for their 2008 Search Marketing Benchmark Guide. Some interesting tidbits from their summary:

Focus on long tail keywords:

Search is orienteering, not teleportation:

Well, if you actually look at the distribution

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Rich Skrenta shows an analysis of AOL Search terms broken down by category:

Entertainment 12.60%
Shopping 10.21%
Porn 7.19%
URL 6.78%
Research 6.77%
Misspellings 6.53%
Places 6.13%
Business 6.07%
Health 5.99%
News&Society 5.85%
Computing 5.38%
Orgs&Inst 4.46%
Home&Garden 3.82%

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I’ve posted in the past about the difference between internet users who are time rich and time poor.

Time Rich people use the internet to kill some time. They are bored. They are willing to be diverted and entertained.

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Tod Sacerdoti, CEO of the online video ad network Brightroll, notes that video impressions will soon pass number of searches.

1. U.S. video impressions will pass core search impressions in the next three months
2. U.S. video impressions

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Yahoo’s new search product has just launched to positive reviews. I think it’s pretty great as well.

The Yahoo search blog outlines most of the new changes, but they can be summarized in one phrase; the new Yahoo search …

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DavidZHawk asks, “What if Google Declared War on Comparison Shopping Engines and No One Noticed?” and points to an Inside Adwords blog post (my bolding):

The following types of websites are likely to merit low landing page quality scores and

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Facebook is now making (very) limited public search listings available to people who are not logged in to Facebook on an opt out basis.

Additionally, they will soon be allowing search engines to crawl these Public Search listings. Presumably the …

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Before I joined Lightspeed I was General Manager of Netscape, where I was responsible for the portal and the browser. Search drove about half of Netscape’s revenues and so I spent a fair amount of time trying to understand how …

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(with apologies to William Shakespeare)

Recently Ben Elowitz, CEO of Wetpaint, wondered why the term “wiki” was not better understood. Wetpaint (a wiki company), prompted by wiki being listed as one of the top 10 most hated internet

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Last week Kosmix announced that Jon Miller has joined their board of directors. I’m very excited.

Jon is one of the most visionary thinkers about the internet that I know. I was his chief of staff while he was CEO …

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