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Highfive will change the way we work together

Arif Janmohamed, Partner, Lightspeed Venture Partner


“Please enter your 9 digit meeting code and hit pound.”
“Sorry, that passcode is incorrect.”
“Please enter your 9 digit meeting code and hit pound.”
“At the tone, please announce yourself and hit pound.”

For over a decade we’ve had to deal with an antiquated, frustrating model for running remote meetings and video conferences. How often do we waste the first ten minutes of a meeting trying to get the technology to work? And how often do we just give up and default to a simple phone call? Yet, we can easily set up Facetime, Skype or Google Hangout Calls with friends, family and co-workers. And with the click of a button, it just works.

The last generation of video conferencing technology was built before the iPhone or the cloud existed. Cisco / Tandberg, Polycom, Lifesize, together established the $3B video conferencing market with expensive, complicated on-premise hardware. The promise of ubiquitous face to face business calls has existed for years, but the barrier of a prohibitively high cost ($10K+ per room plus expensive set up and configuration fees) and a complicated jumble of technology and unfriendly User Interfaces have together soured people’s opinion of business-class video conferencing.

When we first met Shan Sinha and Jeremy Roy, founders of Highfive, the first thing they did was give us an early demo of the Highfive product. They proudly showed off a gorgeous, elegant device that incorporates HD Audio and Video and is easier to set up than your Nest Thermostat. The Highfive hardware device automatically pairs with the cloud and takes less than 5 minutes to plug into a flat panel TV and configure. Use your smartphone or your browser to set up a video conference. Invite a co-worker via an email or text message with a URL link. Share your presentation on the TV screen wirelessly, just like with Airplay or Chromecast. No cables, no dongles, no litany of connectors, no funky numbers, no annoying beeps every time someone enters a meeting, and no IT folks coming in to fiddle with cables or kick a rack of servers. It just works.

And then they told us the price: for less than $1000 (1/10th of legacy products’ price), you had a video conferencing solution that was simple, beautiful, easy-to-use and built for the mobile and cloud era. We were blown away.

But it wasn’t just the product that got our attention. Customers were just as excited about the product. In the past 3 months, the Highfive team has added over 500 new customers, including Zenefits, Patagonia, Slack and Warby Parker. The company is on track to process 1M video minutes per week within the first six months of shipping, which will make Highfive one of the fastest growing business video providers in the industry. And Highfive’s customers are changing the way they work. At less than $1K/device, it’s easy to install video in every conference room, leading to a completely different way of interacting face to face with coworkers, partners, and customers.

Check it out for yourself. One click video conferencing that we can all use… at a price that makes it a no brainer to put in every conference room in your office.

At Lightspeed, we’re extremely excited about our partnership with Shan, Jeremy and the Highfive team as they change the way we work together face to face. For more information about Highfive, visit http://www.highfive.com/.