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Think Big. Move Fast.

Today we are excited to announce that Lightspeed is leading Clever’s $30M Series B. When we first met the founders Tyler Bosmeny, Dan Carroll, and Rafael Garcia, we were blown away by both their vision for transforming education and the amazing adoption they have already achieved in K-12 schools. Clever is building a universal API layer for the education market that enables schools to quickly sign up for and deploy educational mobile and web apps from a single dashboard. The company launched only two and half years ago, and 30,000 schools have already signed up, including eight of the top ten school districts in the country. This means that one out of every five schools in the US is using Clever and one out of every five K-12 students has a Clever account. Given the typical challenges startups see selling to schools, this adoption is a testament to how strong the Clever team is and how valuable their service is.

By integrating with Clever, app developers are automatically integrated with school information systems, of which there are 100+ flavors. They also become part of Clever’s single sign-on ecosystem, so they don’t need to manage student usernames and passwords separately for each school district. Clever has made their service free for schools and can be installed in a few hours.

After the initial deployment, the next time a 3rd grade teacher wants to enable a new reading or math app for her students, he or she simply spins up new app accounts through Clever and doesn’t need to create or manage new usernames, passwords or student accounts. Clever stops teachers from having to play the role of “IT administrator” in the classroom and lets them focus on what they do best … teaching. This saves valuable classroom time and avoids a lot of confusion while ensuring that students have access to all the latest and greatest educational apps.

Over the next few years, we are excited to see Clever become adopted by all K-12 schools and see the company create the opportunity to help all students. We’re looking forward to our partnership with the Clever team to help them get there!