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Social media sites by definition involve user generated content. In some cases, like Youtube comments or Chatroulette, that makes for some unpleasant behavior. In other cases, like Pinterest and Quora, the better angels of our nature win out. The difference comes down to user culture. I wrote a guest post over at Forbes about how the user culture of social media sites determines whether you good good behavior or bad behavior. Check it out.

  • Bruce Thiesen

    Hi Jeremy – good article. I enjoyed it. Thank you for writing it.
    I am interested in this technology that your portfolio company creates, but wonder how the boundaries are created and the nuances are sensed. Fascinating, no matter.

    The Internet has developed as the physical world, where good manners (sometimes) begets civility and boors and incivility bring out bad behavior in others. You may enjoy a recent study from The University of Wisconsin, the abstract of which follows:
    “Uncivil discourse is a growing concern in American rhetoric, and this trend has expanded beyond traditional media to online sources, such as audience comments. Using an experiment given to a sample representative of the U.S. population, we examine the effects online incivility on perceptions toward a particular issue—namely, an emerging technology, nanotechnology. We found that exposure to uncivil blog comments can polarize risk perceptions of nanotechnology along the lines of religiosity and issue support.”

    Thanks again,

    Bruce Thiesen

  • http://www.valideval.com/ Adam Rentschler

    Thanks, Jeremy. Important points you make.

  • http://ouriel.typepad.com OurielOhayon

    Jeremy i think the critical difference between youtube and quora is not about user culture but about the fact that the comment system is not SOCIALLY validated. Soon Google will replace Youtube commenting system with Google+ and that will be a totally different picture. count down on.

  • http://ouriel.typepad.com OurielOhayon
  • http://DanMontano.com Dan Montano

    On a general level, there are significant differences in culture between YouTube and Quora. But I think you would get a more relevant comparison if you compare professional YouTube channels, focused on career development, marketing or other serious business subjects.