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Think Big. Move Fast.

There’s nothing better as a Venture Capitalist than to meet an exceptional entrepreneur; one who is driven to impact the world for the better and often, at the same time, build a solution to a personal problem.  What I’ve realized over time though is that even the best entrepreneurs need a strong executive team to help make their vision a reality that is available to the masses.

Proof of this can be found in companies like Facebook who brought on Sheryl Sandberg from Google to run the company’s operations, Yelp, which attracted Geoff Donaker away from eBay, Netflix, which hired Leslie Kilgore away from P&G in its early days and even Google who named Eric Schmidt CEO in 2001.

The challenge, however, is that executives working at a large company often have a lot of incentives, from a high paying salary and benefits to stability and a work/life balance, to stay put.  So, as a startup, how do you find and attract experienced leaders away from these cushy positions?  I recently shared my advice on the topic with Inc. Magazine, you can read the full article here:

Use Equity to Hire the Best


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