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Last week, I wrote an article for AllthingD that talked about the shift if the ways that people are “sharing” online, mainly that niche social networks are giving people very targets, often private ways to share more freely.   This shift it is driven by a handful of new mobile-centric networks. Often, these networks are not only seeing the majority of their growth occurring on mobile but also seeing it driven by a younger demographic with a frequency that we haven’t really seen before.

Check out the article over at AllthingsD for a breakdown of some of the most interesting and fastest growing companies the space and let me know which ones you are using in the comments:

New Companies Are Redefining What It Means to “Share” Online


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  • Michael Barrick

    The transition from analog to digital will eventually take place across all markets. It is only a matter of time. A startup (and investors) that recognizes this and becomes the leader in a niche early on has a tremendous advantage.

    I have a pitch on February 12th, and that is the very argument that I will be using to explain our “niche” network and engagement platform. I might pull your post into the pitch itself a a proof point.

    Go Blue Devils!