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Over the years, I’ve had the great honor of supporting some truly inspiring entrepreneurs as they have strived to not only disrupt markets, but also improve the world we live in.  Today, I am thrilled to see that one of those leaders, Atul Butte is being recognized for his contributions as a scientist and an entrepreneur.

On Thursday of this week,  the White House is honoring pediatrician, geneticist and entrepreneur, Atul Butte, as one of thirteen Champions of Change who are promoting and using open scientific data and publications to accelerate progress and improve our world.

The White House Champions of Change program was created as part of President Obama’s Winning the Future initiative. Through this program, the White House highlights individuals, businesses, and organizations whose extraordinary stories and accomplishments positively impact our communities.

Dr. Butte’s lab at Stanford builds and uses computational tools that convert more than 400 trillion points of molecular, clinical, and epidemiological data into diagnostics, therapeutics, and new insights into disease. In addition to creating new diagnostics and drugs for diabetes and cancers and stewarding the release of National Institutes of Health (NIH) immunology data to the public, Dr. Butte is a founder of Personalis, providing clinical interpretation of whole genome sequences, Carmenta, discovering diagnostics for life-threatening conditions in pregnancy from public data, and NuMedii, using public big data to find new uses for drugs.

We are proud to support two of Dr. Butte as investors in two of his companies, Personalis and NuMedii, and are thrilled to see him recognized for his use of open scientific data to accelerate progress and improve our world.

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