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Think Big. Move Fast.

I’ve been fascinated by the potential disruption that Bitcoin represents. Disruptions like this could create both massive value destruction for incumbents and massive value creation for startups, which is exactly where entrepreneurs and VCs should be playing.

I recently did a couple of guest posts about Bitcoin, one at American Banker, is a quick retrospective on the opportunities and challenges in Bitcoin. The other, at Techcrunch, talks about how much the Bitcoin market needs to grow to build billion dollar markets, and what this means for startups.

I’m excited about the potential for startups. We’ve made a couple of small investments in the ecosystem and are looking to do more. Let me know what you think.

  • Christian Cadeo


    How would you best advice someone to start buying bitcoins?

  • Stewart

    Hi Jeremy,

    Many people cite volatility as a current problem with BitCoin. It could also be viewed as an opportunity. There are most likely a number of partial solutions to providing increased stability for BitCoin prices and transactions that coupled together could be very effective.

    Essentially, there are a number of issues with BitCoin right now and I would like to see startups created to develop solutions to many of these problems/opportunities. This is where I would be looking if I were in your shoes: what are the major opportunities behind the problems people are identifying with BitCoin?

    Thanks for writing the informative articles,

  • http://lsvp.com/blog/ jeremyliew

    Coinbase.com is probably the easiest way to do it if you’re in the US today. Bitinstant if you’re in Europe. Both allow you to “ACH” or equivalent to get your money into an account. Wiring to mt. gox gets you closest to the liquidity but required an international money transfer unless you’re in Japan right now. Soon Coinlab will allow you to ACH to a US account to get started trading on Gox though

  • XRP

    OPencoin is a great investment i think