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Think Big. Move Fast.

Over the past several years, MuleSoft has quietly emerged as one of the leaders in providing platforms for powering the New Enterprise. Lightspeed was an early investor in MuleSoft, and we’re excited to be partnered with a company that has achieved such strong momentum and market leadership.

Today MuleSoft announced a $37M expansion round, which will allow the company to further accelerate growth across its Software as a Service (SaaS) and enterprise segment, as well as drive technology innovations for connecting the New Enterprise. MuleSoft also launched its Anypoint Platform, the first and only complete integration platform to enable connectivity to any application, data service or application programming interface (API) across the entire cloud and on-premise continuum.

We think that this is a big idea.

The last wave of application disruption to hit businesses took place in the late 1990’s and had two major components:
1. The move to “client server” architectures and the adoption of comprehensive business management systems like ERP, CRM, and SCM that, for the first-time, computerized business processes within an enterprise.
2. The establishment of the web data center which was used to extend these new business workflows to users while they were outside the office.

These disruptions ultimately spawned a $500 billion integration market that provided the connective tissue required to make all of the disparate systems and business flows operate together. MuleSoft, which conceived and delivered the world’s first truly ubiquitous service and data connection platform, is driving a complete re-invention of today’s Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software and services industry.

In today’s New Enterprise, a convergence of several key technology trends has spawned another major upheaval in what it means to build and connect state-of-the-art business applications. The advent of SaaS, cloud, mobile/bring your own device (BYOD) and social means that most new business applications are built from collections of underlying component services and APIs that need to be assembled and modified on-the-fly as market conditions change.

To solve this problem, MuleSoft delivered the world’s first “hub and spoke” service integration platform which seamlessly spans both traditional enterprise systems that reside behind the firewall and the emerging world of SaaS, cloud-deployed apps and mobile, BYOD endpoints that can appear anywhere at any time. By bridging these worlds into one system that can deliver collections of services to users (or consuming applications) from a single substrate, MuleSoft provides businesses with a platform that supports the rapid innovation and agility required for fielding best-in-class business applications and services. This is a big competitive advantage with today’s rapidly changing market conditions.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words, and below is the picture MuleSoft uses to describe its vision for powering the New Enterprise . . . .

mulesoft slide

From the very beginning, MuleSoft has been a thought leader in helping businesses transition from their traditional brittle application infrastructure to the New Enterprise model where service, data and API connectivity represent the lifeblood of rapid competitive application development. As the market continues to transition, we’ll be excited to see MuleSoft continue to lead the reinvention of the $500 billion EAI market and create an extremely valuable company along the way.


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