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The enterprise software stack is undergoing once in a generation refresh largely driven by virtualization, data explosion, infrastructure commoditization, socialization, unlimited connectivity, and online services. With ever growing security parameter and attack vectors, enterprises are looking for ways to secure information access without compromising the business agility unleashed by the abovementioned forces. This presentation focuses on the emerging opportunities in the enterprise space that entrepreneurs can leverage to build the technology giants of tomorrow.

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    great presentation and totally true to link the three aspect of data , mobility and security. i would add usability as this is most often overlooked. http://www.globalkap.com

  • vorameghana

    Here’s a typical enterprise data security scenario in corporate America today: There are three people who access a company’s data stores. The first, a sales manager, second business manager and third is hacker who sees sees malevolent opportunity. http://www.vertexonlinebackup.com/cms/