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Mary Meeker’s latest omnibus research report goes deep on the economy and it’s implications for the internet. Some interesting tidbits:

1. Only 5 of “top 20” US Advertisers spent more than the industry average of 8% of their ad budgets online. P&G (#1) spent 2%, AT&T (#2) spent 6%, Time Warner (#5) spent 6%, Glaxo Smith Kline (#7) spent 2%, J&J (#8) spent 3% and Unilever (#10) spent 5%.

2. 18-41 year olds spent more time on the internet (25%) than TV (22%)

3. Top countries for social networking penetration: Brazil & South Korea. Top country for e-commerce penetration: Germany. Top country for online gaming penetration: China. Top country for mobile payments penetration: Japan. Top country for microtransactions via SMS penetration: Philippines. Top country for online advertising penetration: UK. Top country for broadband penetration: South Korea. US has headroom in all of these areas based on other countries experiences.