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Great post today from Sim Simeonov about being wise vs being smart that I’ll quote in its entirety since it is so short:

There is a set of interrelated concepts I’m fond of reminding entrepreneurs about but I’ve never found a really good way to summarize them into a sentence that conveys the right meaning and tone. Here are various renditions:

* Be different, not best
* Do less, not more
* Go around a wall, not through it
* It is better to figure out how not to have to solve a problem as opposed to having to solve the problem.

A while back I was talking to my friends at Kaltura about this and CEO Ron Yekutiel told me about a saying he’d heard about the difference between smart and wise people.

The difference between a smart person and a wise person is that a wise person knows how not to get into situations that a smart person knows how to get out of.

  • http://shinkaze.com Adam

    brilliant post

  • http://www.virtualgoodz.com/ Simon


  • http://academicbiz.typepad.com Mitch Weisburgh

    Have you heard of the three physician brothers from the book Art of War? All three were very good. The older brother was the most famous, famous throughout all of China, because he could cure the most serious diseases. The middle brother was even better, and famous throughout the provence because he could stop diseases from becoming serious. The youngest brother was the best physician, and famous in the village, because he could prevent people from getting sick.

    Great book, and even predates blogs.

  • http://none.com cmntr

    now we know what vcs are upto these days … coming up with catchy quips. real early stage undertaking looks risky anyway.

  • http://www.curiouslywise.com Rafael Rijo

    As Einstein said once: “Intellectuals solve problems. Geniuses prevent them.”

    Curiosity is the sparkle that evolves our race!