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There has been much handwringing about how silly facebook apps are, and how it would be so much better if they were more useful. But Facebook users have voted with their mouse buttons, as the O’Reilly report in May showed:

According to a Medialets survey, it seems that iPhone users have voted in exactly the same way, with almost half iPhone apps being games or entertainment:

Girls (and boys) just want to have fun.

  • http://sephskerritt.com seph250

    Yeah – who would have thought…. And I’ve noticed that it’s true around the world and across economic strata. When I was in India last summer, there were two mobile startups I consulted with. One helped cooks, maids and a variety of migrant workers find better paying jobs. The other sold ring back tones and let customers access cricket scores or missed soap-opera episodes.

    Turns out, even in a country where most of the population has extremely limited disposable income, it was the ring tone company that was thriving and the job connection service that struggled.