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Today GigaOm has an interview with the CEO of Jagex, publisher of Runescape, a free to play MMOG with more players in the west than World of Warcraft. Some stats to give you an idea of their scale:

- New content (questions, items, etc.) added to RuneScape every two weeks
- Peak concurrency: 250,000
- Average player time: 12.5 hours/week
- 250 RuneScape shards for up to 2,000 players each. Unlike many MMORPGs, player characters are not bound to a single shard.
- Main player demographics: 60 percent are from the U.S., 25 percent from the EU, smaller percentages from Australia/New Zealand and Canada. Player age typically 8-20, approximately 80 percent between 10-16.

Very impressive.

  • guest

    Maybe but Jagex estimates that bots make up 40% of RS players so more like… 150k actual players and 100k bots