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The IAB just came out with their 2007 internet advertising revenue report, concluding that internet advertising totaled $21.2bn in 2007, up 26% over 2006. The primary industry categories are shown below:

Interent Ad Revenues By Industry

The IAB further breaks down “consumer related” into subcategories:

Consumer Ad Revenues By Subcategory

Entertainment encompasses movies, music and TV, while leisure encompasses travel, hotel and hospitality.

I find it easier to consider all of these categories and subcategories on a single graph:

Overall Categories Of Internet Ad Revenue

This shows that the top three categories for online advertising are retail (ecommerce), financial services and automotive. These are full year numbers for 2007, so they show little change over 2006, notwithstanding the ongoing credit crunch and slowing housing market, which might have been expected to lower the proportion of financial services advertising. All categories of online advertising appear to be growth with the market.

The full IAB report breaks down 2007 online advertising revenue further by ad format, industry concentration and pricing model and is worth reading.