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Think Big. Move Fast.

Venturebeat reports that some game companies are planning on launching teaser games into Facebook primarily to promote the sale of their “full” games at retail:

Unlike the one-off casual games you’ll generally find on the internet, Gnosis makes theme packages like Candie’s Factory, which is billed as an action / puzzle game. The plan is to split off individual mini-games and place them on Facebook to gain brand recognition for the retail product.

“We’re trying to build up an audience on Facebook where you can develop the brand association, so when you see that same brand at retail, you’re already familiar with it,” says Threewave’s CEO, Dan Irish. “I think for this year, the retail proposition is still the most important.”…

Threewave’s ideas do seem to be in line with Electronic Arts ‘ plans. EA has a stealth division called Blueprint that is reportedly creating “brand extensions” for its games to be distributed on social networks.

This reminds me of the old saying that if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail. I am excited about the innovation that is happening in social games where the gameplay occurs within Facebook itself (and other social networks). I think we’ll see far more innovation coming from startups who are focused on these new opportunities than from established game developers who may have trouble with the innovators dilemma in dealing with disruptive technologies, in this case, social games.