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Think Big. Move Fast.

Last week Raph Koster was a last minute substitute speaker at GDC Prime. You can get a copy of his (long) presentation here.

Some choice quotes from his presentation – slide 93 (The game has changed):

The hot platform is the net
The hot audience is the non-gamer
The hot feature is other players
The hot technology is connectivity
The hot game is a mini-game

and slide 49 (Successful mass market interactive entertainment):

* Asynchronicity
* Indifference to rendering
* Minimal controls
* Platform agnostic

Model first – The system is the game
Universal inputs – Any button will do
Long phases – Take your time
Short decisions – Be done fast
Massively parallel – Side by side
Extended accumulated state – Save your profile
No roles – Classless
Representation agnostic – Draw it however
Open data – Change it however

For those of you interested in games 2.0, it is well worth reading the whole thing.