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Last night’s post on the top social networks by engagement provoked some good response. Some readers questioned whether Pageviews per user per month was the best measure of engagement given that some social networks make use of AJAX and other RIA (Rich Internet Application) tools that would reduce pageview count.

As an alternative I also looked at the top social networks ordered by time spent per user per month (again excluding sites with less than 500k unique users per month). Here are the 14 such social networks with over 40 minutes spent per month in June according to Comscore:

top social networks by time spent on site

The top five sites by PVs are still the top five sites by time spent and there is still quite a gap between them and the other social networks. Notably, Gaia jumps from being number 5 by PVs/user/month to #1 by minutes/visitor/month, reflecting the fact that a large portion of its use is a casual immersive world delivered in Flash (which isn’t counted though pageviews).

Other than that the rest of the list is largely the same. It seems like at a high level both measures of engagement come to the same conclusions.