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Last month I posted about the difference in building websites for the Time Rich vs the Time Poor.

The Annenberg School’s Online Journalism Review has a great summary of findings from Nielsen’s eyetracking studies about how to optimize writing and web page design for a Time Poor audience. It’s highly recommended.

The study’s results about crotch fixations are troubling though…
George Brett eye tracking study

  • http://elapsedtime.blogspot.com hunter

    i too enjoyed this graphic – it proves we’re basically all still monkeys sizing up each other in the mating dance. Before we think women are free of this genetic burden, i would have liked to see the same study with pictures of women. I bet there’d be some significant similarity in the “hot spots” dwelled upon by each gender.

  • http://eusef.com Phil

    I would like to see this study done on the average New Yorker.


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  • Bob Parsley

    Hopefully, the guys are just evaluating the strike zone.

  • http://ww.timeforblogging.com Josh Dorkin

    That is too perfect! I like how the women don’t even glance at the crotch region. lol